Zac and siah or, jesus in a body bag

a new comedy by Jeffrey Lo

Join us for a free online (zoom) reading of Jeffrey Lo’s reverently irreverent new comedy, “Zac and Siah or, Jesus in a Body Bag”.

directed by Adam L. Sussman starring Michael Houston, Maria G. Marquis, and Zaya Kolia.

One night only: Sunday, August 2nd. 6 pm.  Click here to join the reading!

“Zac and Siah” is a reverently irreverent comedy set just after the crucifixion, when everyone is left confused and unsure of what to do next, especially Jesus’ loyal homies Zac and Siah. Turning water into wine? They figured that out. Bread and fish for the village? They got that. But Jesus rising from the dead? That’s another story, and Zac and Siah are running out of time to figure out how to keep their friend’s credibility alive.

Lo’s witty, modern look at faith, friendship, and figs is fast-paced, funny, and a story for the age. 

‘This reading will be held on zoom.  Join us at this link:

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