Company Staff:
Artistic Director: Brian Katz

Technical Director/Production Manager: Matthew Owens

Box Office: Casey Bastiaans, Ted Cordono Jr., Jacqualynn Metcalf


Company Members:
Perry Aliado, Terry Bamberger, Lewis Campbell, Stefin Collins, ] AJ Davenport,  Danielle Doyle, Stephanie Ann Foster,Ryan Hayes, Eric Johnson, Shelley Lynn Johnson, Catherine Luedtke, Brian Martin, Eden Neuendorf, Fred Pitts, Gabriel A. Ross, Jessica Jade Rudholm, Kim Saunders, Dave Sikula, Paul Stout, Richard Wenzel, Teri Whipple

Board of Directors:
 President: Brian Katz  (bkatz at custommade dot org)

Members: Linda Ayres-Frederick, Brandy Leggett-Petricka, Sarah Phykitt, Daunielle Rasmussen

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