By Sarah Treem (Showtime’s The Affair, The Here and Now)
Directed by Tracy Ward

Stacy Ross returns to Custom Made to star in this vital play, set the early 1970’s, where Agnes (Ross) has turned her quiet bed and breakfast into one of the few spots where victims of domestic violence can seek refuge. But to Agnes’ dismay, her latest runaway, Mary Anne, is beginning to influence Agnes’ college-bound daughter Penny. As the drums of a feminist revolution grow louder outside her tiny world, Agnes is forced to confront her own presumptions about the women she’s spent her life trying to hel

When We Were Young and Unafraid reminds us that the path to today’s rights was perilous and their future is not guaranteed, while telling a personal tale of change and redemption.

AGNES: Stacy Ross*

PENNY: Zoe Foulks
MARY ANNE: Liz Frederick
HANNAH: Renee Rogoff
PAUL: Matt Hammons

*Member, Actors Equity Association

Show Sponsors: Ruth & William Isenberg

TRIGGER WARNING: When We Were Young and Unafraid contains descriptions of physical and sexual assault.  Should you wish more information on this content, please contact our box office.

Bay Area Premiere

A personal and poignant story

Jan 17 – Feb 9


“Director Tracy Ward’s fine-tuned production for Custom Made Theatre Company, with its excellent cast, resonates on every level.” –SF Examiner

“A captivating play that often seems more like a page-turner novel… Tracy Ward directs the Custom Made production with edge, heart, and intuitive magic.” –TheatreEddies

“Ms. Treem…finds the feminist flux and foment in an era that has been more traditionally presented as comically awkward and quaint. She has come up with a smart and exciting premise to bring characters of different backgrounds—and different notions of what it means to be a woman at a pivotal historical moment—into proximity and conflict.” —NYTimes.

“WHEN WE WERE YOUNG AND UNAFRAID is a stark reminder of how rare it is to see such urgent subject matter tackled in mainstream theater.” —NBC NY.


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