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41/2 out 5 stars! “This raunchy, gentle, sweet spirited, informative, well-performed play is a winner.” – Charles Kurger TheatreStorm

“A feel-good, light-hearted, but also not-your-everyday romantic comedy that deserves to be seen by Millennials and Boomers alike.”  TheatreEddys

“I would highly recommend this play whether or not you consider yourself part of geek culture. It uses gaming as a means to discuss a more fundamental question, for which I highly applaud the playwright and Custom Made for bringing it to the Bay Area.” – ImaginationLaneReviews

“In Love and Warcraft” presents an insight into gaming culture and rebels against the tropes and traditions of past depictions, all without losing the inherent lightheartedness of a romantic comedy.”  –DailyCal

“Monica Ho gives an engaging performance as Evie. Her wonderful, expressive face reveals Evie’s longings, pangs, and susceptibilities. Laura Espino is excellent as the bouncing, sensual Kitty, her roommate. Ed Berkeley, a recent transplant from the New England theatre region, is splendid as Raul, while Drew Reitz is fine as the loud mouth Ryan. Amanda Farbstein and Sal Mattos play many parts; Sal is especially wonderful when he camps up superbly as the fey hairdresser, and Amanda as a woman geologist examining Evie’s lower parts.” – Richard Connema, Talkin Broadway

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