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“CMTC’s Artistic Director Brian Katz is at the helm and he has done an extraordinary job of giving his young cast focus and guiding them to exceptional performances. There’s not a false note among them …” – Robert Sokol, SF Examiner

“(The) script is tight and the dialog fast … the actors have polished timing” – Vince Media

“I’ve attended countless coming-of-age plays, and even more lost-generation and search-for-meaning explorations. But this two-hour, character- rather than plot-driven outing ranks as one of the best, mainly because the fragile characters are so realistic.”  Woody Weingarten, Ross Valley Reporter 

” There is sufficient humor to defuse the taunt scenes and Katz paces the action superbly…Their mounting of This is Our Youth as the seminal production in their new space is an apt selection. It explores the problems of growing up in the Ronald Regan era where disenfranchised youth embraced the drug culture searching for meaning and love.”  Kedar Adour, BroadwayWorld


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