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Season subscriptions.  Save up to 60% off tickets and choose between previews, days of the week, or opening matinees.  No matter what you pick you will experience the full season and get the best seats in the house!

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How the subscriptions work

Season Subscriptions – pick your choice of package, and let us know any preferences.  Within a week of your purchase we will assign your dates and seats.  Exchanges for the same price tickets are unlimited and free, and your first upgrade per subscription is free. After that, a $10 fee applies.  All season subscribers receive 20% off all additional tickets!

Previews – $60 for students and theatre industry professionals; $90 for seniors (65+); $99 General
Thursday and Fridays, 8 pm – $99 for students and industry; $110 for seniors; $120 General
Saturdays 8 pm or Sundays 2 pm – $120 students/industry/seniors; $130 General

Pick-Your-Play: when purchasing, choose as many tickets for each show, pick your seats, and receive 20% off at checkout for a 5-play package, 15% for 4 plays, and 10% off for 3 plays.

What about Covid-19?

All subscribers must be vaccinated for Covid-19, along with all other patrons, performers, and staff.  Custom Made will follow all state, county, and city guidelines regarding masking and other safety protocols. At this time, all patrons must be masked and will not be selling concessions so we can maintain a safe environment.  Should a performance be cancelled due to Covid-19, we hope to have a taped version of the performance available to subscribers, or they may request a credit or refund.  If we cannot provide to this due to contractual obligations, we will offer a refund or a credit for future performances to all patrons.

Questions?  Contact us at [email protected]

The Season!

February 2022


Zac & Siah or, Jesus in a Body Bag by Jeffrey Lo

Directed by Adam L. Sussman 

“Zac and Siah” is an irreverent comedy set just after the crucifixion, when Jesus’ loyal homies Zac and Siah are left confused and unsure of what to do next. Turning water into wine? They figured that out. But Jesus rising from the dead? That’s another story, and Zac and Siah are running out of time to figure out how to keep their friend’s credibility alive. Lo’s witty, modern look at friendship and figs is fast-paced, funny, and a story for the ages.

March / April 2022

Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker

Directed by Ciera Eis

When four lost New Englanders who enroll in Marty’s six-week-long community-center drama class begin to experiment with harmless games, hearts are quietly torn apart, and tiny wars of epic proportions are waged and won. Circle Mirror is beautifully crafted diorama, a petri dish in which we see, with hilarious detail and clarity, the antic sadness of a motley quintet.

May / June 2022


Blood at the Root  by Dominique Morisseau

Directed by Darryl V. Jones

A striking new ensemble drama based on the Jena Six. Six Black students are initially charged with attempted murder for a school fight after being provoked with nooses hanging from a tree on campus. This bold new play by Dominique Morisseau (Ain’t Too Proud, Skeleton Crew) examines the miscarriage of justice, racial double standards, and the crises in relations between men and women of all classes and, as a result, the shattering state of Black family life.


July 2022

References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot  by Jose Rivera

Directed by Katja Rivera

A strange and surreal drama set in the desert of Barstow, California where Gabriela – wife of career soldier Benito – dives into a surreal fantasy world during her husband’s prolonged absences and imagines the mating rituals between a coyote and a cat. Rivera’s award-winning play celebrates the confusion that grows out of trying to understand not only the one you love, but yourself as well.

September/October 2022


Tiny Fires by Aimee Suzara

Directed by Nikki Meñez

Sugarpie and Trixie live as scavengers at the edge of a landfill in the Philippines called Paradise Mountain. After losing their families in a major landslide, the young women have learned to survive on their own, until a young Filipino-American arrives and makes Sugarpie question whether there is more to life than just surviving. This play explores the nature of resilience and adventure, and asks, “what could justify keeping secrets from those you love?”

November/ December 2022

Shoshana in December: A New Musical by Rose Oser & Weston Scott &  Matt Grandy (the team behind Tinderella)

Director TBA

The difference between a latke and a hash brown is obvious to Shoshana. It’s as obvious as the difference between being partnered with Danny or being single. But when Cecily invites Shoshana on a winter rendezvous, Shoshana leaps into a world that no longer feels straightforward. Shoshana in December is a new musical about Hanukkah, queerness, and the traditions we must create for ourselves.


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