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STUDIO, CMTC Free productions of new, local plays by Bennett Fisher and Susan Sobeloff

Studio, CMTC two new, local plays by Bennett Fisher and Susan Sobeloff!Custom Made is thrilled to invite you to our second annual iteration of Studio, CMTC – featuring two new plays we are unbelievably excited about: “Strange Ladies, Fluid as Water, Swift as Light” by Susan Sobeloff and “Whoa is Me” by Bennett Fisher.

Studio, CMTC is a free event, although if you donate you receive reserved seating (and will be supporting new work!) RSVPs without donation will be general admission.

Please RSVP to guarantee a seat!

Studio A: “Strange Ladies, Fluid as Water, Swift as Light” by Susan Sobeloff
directed by Robert Estes
featuring: Jody Christian, Valerie Fachman, Jessica Rudholm and Lisa Wang
Thurs & Fri August 22 & 23 8pm

A very staged reading of a CMTC commissioned play about the fractures in the Women’s Suffragette movement, just as they were on the verge of getting the vote. Funny and challenging, Sobeloff’s play will make you rethink this fascinating time in history, and the women who risked everything for their ideals.

Studio B: “Whoa is Me” by Bennett Fisher
directed by Tore Ingersoll-Thorp
featuring: Molly Benson, Damian Lanahan-Kalish, Keith C Marshall, and Ariane Owens
Sat & Sun August 24 & 25 8pm

A fully staged production of Bennett Fisher’s newest play, which takes place in a neighborhood bar just after it has been trashed by someone, or something. Fisher’s play centers around Oppenheimer (Ariane Owens), the bar owner , and her relationships with her employee, local alcoholic, and a mysterious man who claims to be from the insurance company. Or is he?

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