“A standout feature of this production is Bousel’s kaleidescopic staging. By moving through the early scenes at such high speed, he is able to shift the stage picture almost continuously, blurring the line between dramatic staging and dance. His placement of actors is as carefully composed as in a painting and carries a great deal of emotional weight. The capable cast includes many fine performances, with especially good work by Peter Townley as John Proctor and Juliana Lustenader as Abigail Williams…. Arthur Miller fans should be quite pleased.”  Charles Kruger, TheatreStorm 

“Tautly directed by Stuart Bousel, this production benefits from Custom Made’s tiny performance space, which only heightens the overall sense of paranoia, magnifies the delusional behavior, and exposes the instances of religious persecution…. This is a production of worthy of any serious theatregoer’s attention.”  George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape 

“The Crucible is an American classic worth seeing.” – Linda Ayres-Frederick, ForAllEvents

“Custom Made Theatre is to be commended for taking on such a hefty work. Productions of Arthur Miller plays seem about as rare as hen’s teeth now in San Francisco. This is powerful, if uneven, production that the company is presenting. Director Stuart Bousel has put a modern touch on this production”  -Richard Connema, ForAllEvents


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