Free Reading Series

Once a month, Custom Made is proud  -to produce a reading of a new play, usually from a local (Bay Area) playwright, followed by a short feedback session with the playwright. Scripts are picked by the Custom Made literary committee, currently chaired by Robert Estes.  We are always looking for new scripts.  Please send submissions to [email protected]

Join us on Tuesday, September 30 for a staged reading of Jake Arky’s new play, “Angry White Male.”  8:00 pm. Admission free.

Jordan’s life is a nightmare. His family lives in a large house in a wealthy neighborhood. He has all the amenities that his parents money can buy. He’s in danger of not graduating high school on time because he rather be wilyin’ out for the night with his friends. But maybe Jordan has a right to be disgruntled after watching the former high school football legend stand in front of a train and no one seems to care about the real reason why. The only person who might have some insight is Jordan’s older brother, Nathan, who has just dropped out of college, moved home, and bought a gun. Together. they have a plan to show everyone in their cookie-cutter perfect community just how angry they truly are.

Directed by Heather Robinson

Tuesday Sept 30th, 8pm at Gough Street Playhouse.

Past readings:

Iro, Take Heart! By Rachel Bulbitz

Sam and Dede, or My Dinner with Andre the Giant  by Gino DiIorio- June, 2014

Candide of California by Brian Katz – May, 2014

Hypnosis for Salesmen by Daniel Kessler – April, 2014

Dealing Dreams by Jeffrey Lo, February, 2014

Condo by Lynn Synder – January, 2014




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