Little Brother, which opens Jan 17th, was named an editor’s pick in this month’s Theatre Bay Area Magazine.  Caroline Anderson writes 

When I first saw the title “Little Brother,” my first thought was of an endearing little boy in plaid pajamas. My second thought was, like Big Brother? Turns out it’s the second one. Custom Made is not doing a heartwarming story about a freckled young boy, but a terrifying thriller based on the bestselling novel by Cory Doctorow, adapted for the stage by Josh Costello. True to its name, “Little Brother” is a tip of the hat to George Orwell’s classic “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” in which the government becomes an omnipotent police agency. Orwell’s novel introduced the phrase “Big Brother” into the lexicon to describe this type of governmental abuse of power. There is nothing little about this brother, however; Doctorow’s tale of the Department of Homeland Security torturing and interrogating citizens in the name of their safety after a terrorist attack on the Bay Bridge and BART sounds uncomfortably familiar

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