We got our first reviews in for Prelude to a Kiss – and they both highlight how beautiful and touching this production is.

First out of the gate was TheatreStorm’s Charles Kruger, who wrote:
“Allison Page as Rita and Richard Wenzel as the Old Man are entirely up to the task, delivering sterling performances good enough to send chills of wonder up our spines. They are supported by a skilled company throughout, with Nick Trengove exceptionally charming as Peter, the confused young husband who must provide the emotional backbone of the play.

Director Stuart Bousel applies his usual deft touch to the dialogue and the movement, keeping the stage picture interesting at all times and plumbing the language for layers of meaning. A wonderful set by Andrew Cummings features a constantly moving cyclorama projection of clouds (created by Maxx Kurzunski), evoking an eerie feeling of otherworldliness and the quick passage of time.” Read the entire review at https://theatrestorm.com/2013/05/23/review-prelude-to-a-kiss-at-custommade-theatre-company/

Next, Talkin’ Broadway’s Richard Connema chimed in, calling the production “inventive” and says that “Richard Wenzel (Old Man) … is a marvelously unsentimental actor whose economy of means works well for him in this production. His calm delivery of a long monologue describing in gray detail the wearying trek from cradle to grave leaves the audience a heart-rendering serenity.”
Read the whole review at https://forallevents.info/reviews/an-inventive-production-of-craig-lucas-prelude-to-a-kiss/


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