Cloud 9
by Caryl Churchill
directed by Allie Moss
Nov 15 – Dec 15, 2019

A masterpiece from one of the greatest dramatists of our time, Cloud 9 is about sexual politics in colonial Africa and modern-day Britain, in which all our assumptions about sex and gender are stunningly exploded. Cloud 9 is about relationships – between women and men, men and men, women and women. It is also about sex, work, mothers, power, generations, politics, and money, which is why this classic play feels as urgent today as when it made Churchill a household name.

Clive/Cathy/Soldier……….. Evan Winet
Betty/Edward………… Mario Mazzetti
Edward/Vic…….. Alejandra Wahl
Joshua/Gerry…….. Alan Coyne
Ellen/Mrs. S/Lin…… Renee Rogoff
Maud/Betty……. Monica Cappuccini
Harry/Martin…….. Zaya Kolia

Allie Moss – Director
Tony Parker – Stage Manager
Heather Keyon – Set Design
Emma Satchell – Lighting Design
Candice Liao – Costume Design
Elton Bradman – Sound Design
Christina Sturken – Properties Design
Adam Stower – Master Carpenter
Cayla Maureen – Scenic Painter
Jon Bailey – Fight Choreographer
Maya Herbsman – Intimacy Choreographer
Rebecca Castelli – Dialect Coach
Mark Dietrich – Music Coach
Finch Xu – Assistant Costume Design
Ge Jia – Assistant Costume Design
Adam Sussman – Production Manager
Casey Bastiaans – Box Office/ House Manager

Churchill's Modern Masterpiece

From colonial Africa to modern London, sex, gender and race collide in the most unexpected ways!

Starting Nov 15th


“Submission and dominion — sexual, racial, geopolitical and the necessary intersection thereof —  the play, whose two acts bookend a century of British history, still incisively dissects power, how it operates and how it’s enforced, while also offering, under the table, a few blueprints for how to dismantle it.” – SF Chronicle

“Sizzles in its spicy and salacious takes on relationships between and among the sexes while double casting its ensemble members often to mix their genders and orientations.  Along the way, Director Allie Moss ensures that roles are often played to a ridiculously exaggerated hilt to send the farce into wildly spinning, comedic spheres.” -TheatreEddys

“Director Allie Moss and her six superb actors deliver a moving and timely drama, showcasing Churchill’s prophetic union of sexual politics and male domination. Shake off your chains at Custom Made, ASAP!” -Theatrius



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