lyrics by Tim Rice
music by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, formerly of ABBA

Directed by Brian Katz; Musical Direction by Armando Fox

Set towards the end of the cold war, Chess uses politics and sport as metaphor for a love triangle between a enfant-terrible American superstar, his Hungarian-born lover/second, and a Soviet player looking to start a new life.  Featuring such hits as “One Night in Bangkok”, “Nobody’s Side”, and “I know Him So Well” the eclectic score ranges from classical to rock, and the plot spans across the world as these players try balance their public and private personas.  


Martin Bell, Stuart Bousel*, Alan Coyne, Katie Francis, Toni Lynn Guidry, Paul Hogarth, Juliana Lustenader, Heather Orth, Rowan Rivers, Leah Shesky, Mischa Stephens, Gabrielle Traub, Chris Uzelac, Ted Zoldan

Creative Staff:
Beth Hall*, Rachel  Maddox, Linda Huang,  Daunielle Rasmussen*, Kyle Langdon, Austin Kottkamp, David Shimmelman, Maxx Kurzunski*,  Ryan Lee Short*, Brooke Jennings, Rachel Maddox

Previews Sept 15-17, 8pm
Opens Sept 18, 7p

*See for exact showtimes



The legendary musical is reborn!

Love, politics and sport
In an epic musical
From members of ABBA and Tim Rice

Now extended until Oct 29th!

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