A Bright Room Called Day (Reunion Reading)
A Benefit for Fair Fight 

One Night Only! Wed Oct 28th 6:30 pm Pacific Time – Donate-What-You-Can. Tickets:, click here 

A virtual reunion reading of Tony Kushner’s “A Bright Room Called Day” Reunion (a benefit for “Fair Fight”).

Custom Made produced “A Bright Room Called Day”, Tony Kushner’s first play, in 2011. Now, most of the original cast join some new friends to do a benefit reading. Please donate generously, as all profits will go to “Fair Fight”, Stacey Abrams’ not-for-profit dedicated to protecting voting rights.

How it works: buy a “virtual ticket” with a donation (any amount, even $1) and we’ll send you an invite to join us at 6:30 pm on Wed Oct 28th.

With: Maggie Ballard, Megan Briggs, Xanadu Bruggers, Steve Budd, Shelley Lynn Johnson, Gabriel Montoya, Chris Morrell, Brandy Petricka, Nick Trengove, and Vahishta Vafadari. Directed by Brian Katz.

“A Bright Room Called Day” follows a group of artists and activists struggling for love and meaning in 1930s Berlin, as Germany surrenders to the seduction of fascism.

In her cozy one-bedroom apartment, Agnes Eggling (Xanadu Bruggers) provides comfort from the brewing storm for actors, revolutionaries, homosexuals, and communists as the Nazis begin to consolidate power. As the darkness threatens her small circle of friends, Agnes must try to hold them all together, even as outside forces, including the supernatural, try to invade her bright room called day.

Kushner also “interrupts” his historical play with the passionate outpourings of Zillah (Maggie Ballard), a slightly paranoid and extremely passionate American Jew, sifting through the past in contemporary Berlin. By the end of this tale, time and place will blur into one, and our own democracy may seem less secure than it once was.

Tony Kushner’s first play is a lyrical, savagely funny piece of theatre that is both a warning cry for the future, as well as a remembrance of an apocalypse that was anything but inevitable. 

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Our reunion read of Tony Kushner’s play is donate-what-you-will. Reserve your place here and join us on Zoom on Oct 28th!

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