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“Rarely have I heard an opening night audience laughing with such glee at a new play, clearly wanting more. … a charming two-man play, a world premiere, takes on a realistic but ridiculous series of encounters and spins comic gold out of them.”

“Dilorio’s dialogue sparkles with Beckett-style remarks while these two “giants” of the literary and wrestling worlds converse. The imaginary meetings involve conversations that are intelligent, witty, and bright.”

“Dilorio’s imagined conversations are a charming theatrical device (especially considering André’s notorious appetite for food and wine) that have been tenderly directed by Leah S.Abrams. ”…/legend-has-it.html

“(Brendan Averret as Andre) has the physical stature for the role and brings power with more than a touch of humanity in his characterization. Dave Sikula brilliantly underplays the role of Sam becoming a perfect foil for Andre”




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