BRIGHT ROOM featured on 96 hours!

BRIGHT ROOM featured on 96 hours!

Nice to wake up this morning to see our Agnes (Xanadu Bruggers) on the cover of 96 hours, the San Francisco Chronicle’s “what to do this weekend” section!

Most of the article is from an interview with me, although some of the facts about the version have gotten confused.  I’m planning on posting the Q&A soon….

Here’s an excerpt and be sure to click the link to read the whole article.

“By the end of the play, time becomes ethereal, and we are left neither here nor there,” Katz says. “It creates urgency. It helps transport us into the past without this being, for one moment, a ‘historical play,’ which, to me, is deadly.”

For Katz, Zillah’s presence in the apartment also forces the audience to place themselves in the same space, breaking down time and urging us to ask questions such as “What would we do? Would we fight? Could we stick to our convictions? And how could we survive if everyone we loved abandoned us?”

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