Designer Run / Funder Rehearsal

Designer Run / Funder Rehearsal

Last night we did something new at Custom Made: one of the perks of giving to our recent Indiegogo campaign was to be invited to the designer run.

For those not in the industry, or obsessed with obscure theatrical terminology, the designer run is one of the last chances for the design staff to see the play in action before the technical elements are brought in.  The “audience” is filled with tired, but excited, staff and enough computers, fabrics, gels, pipe, as well as various snack products and coffees to keep an #Occupy camp going for a night.

It was a treat having six of our donors there for this unique experience, and also gave the actors their first opportunity to play in front of a fresh audience.  The result was fantastic!  The play seemed to land very well, laughs happened where they should, and despite this being a play with a massive multi-media component that had has not been loaded in yet (let alone most costumes, props, or a finished set) the audience was engaged, entertained, and said it left them with a lot to think about.

All in all, a remarkable evening, and one I am very proud we were able to acheive.

Here’s two photos from my cell phone.  Sorry for the poor quality:

Daniel Petzold, Cory Censoprano

Daniel Petzold, Marissa Keltie, Cory Censoprano