At Custom Made, we have long held to the rule that we only spend money we actually have.  However, we can only raise 50% of our revenue through ticket sales, which means we rely on the generosity of our donors to help us maintain that commitment.

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Donate to Custom Made today and help support live theatre in San Francisco.  Art isn’t cheap (or easy) and if we had to charge enough to cover our total expenses, we would have to up ticket prices to $60-$75.  So if you have the means, please make sure art can flourish in your community.  Here’s just a snap-shot of what where the money goes:

  • $3,000 pays for one month’s rent and utilities
  • $1,000 covers poster and postcard printing for one production
  • $800 is a costume budget for one production
  • $500 hires a set/scenic designer/artist for one production
Make a donation to Custom Made!

We have different levels of giving, all acknowledged in our programs:

Donor ($20-$99)

Patron ($100-$249)

Advocate ($250-$299)

Associate ($500-$999)

Benefactor ($1000-$2499)

Make a donation to Custom Made!

For more information on the annual fund, please contact Executive Director Leah Abrams by clicking here