On Stage

Candide of California

or, Optimism

by Voltaire

modern adaptation by Artistic Director, Brian Katz

Custom Made presents a world premiere modernization of Voltaire's satirical masterpiece!

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In this best of all possible golden states, in this best of all possible worlds, lived a young man called Candide who was sure everything that happened was for the best.  This was because his guru, Dr. Pangloss, told him so, although he certainly had no reason to doubt it. He was surrounded by wealth, by power, and lived a charmed life. There was only a small problem: he was a bastard, and he was in love with the Lt. Governor’s daughter.

So begin this epic tale that will take Candide and friends from California to Pakistan to Argentina and to a strange place called El Dorado, although it is chillier than you might think and is in danger of melting away.  Along his path he will battle Evangelicals, Mujahidin, Governors, and even mythical creatures, pausing long enough to talk a little philosophy and look for a meaning in this crazy, upside-down world.

“Candide of California” is a fast-paced, scatological, ensemble-based modernization proves that Voltaire's sarcastic, bitterly dark, hysterically funny novella is more than timeless; it is, in fact, about our very here and now. 

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at The Gough Street Playhouse (formerly The Next Stage), attached to the historic Trinity Church, 1620 Gough Street (at Bush), San Francisco

Production Photos

Candide of California press photos. Click on the thumbnails below for a high-resolution version ; Photos: Jay Yamada, 2011

Matt Gunnison
Caitlin Dissinger, Matt Gunnison

Tavis Kammet, Jessica Rudholm

Stefin Collins

AJ Davenport

Caitlin Dissinger, AJ Davenport

Jessica Rudholm

Richard Wenzel

Tavis Kammet, AJ Davenport

The Entire Cast!

Cast and Crew

Directed by Brian Katz

Stefin Collins, AJ Davenport, Caitlin Dissenger, Matthew Gunnison, Tavis Kammet, Jessica Rudholm, and Richard Wenzel

Scenic Design - Shay Henley
Stage Management - Emily Schaeffer
Costume Design - Scarlett Kellum
Lighting Design - Brendan Aanes
Dramaturge - Perry Aliado


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