On Stage

Durang Me!
Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You
and The Actor's Nightmare

Two hilarious plays by Christopher Durang!
Directed by Gabriel A. Ross and Daunielle Rasmussen

June 4 - July 10, 2010
Thurs - Sat 8pm; Sun 7pm

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"The jolliest maverick of ... American playwrights"
- The New York Post

" A hysterically funny, bitter, anguished, out-of-control moral comedy"
- The Village Voice

For the final show of our 2009/10 season, Custom Made proudly presents Durang Me! Featuring two of Christopher Durang's most hilarious scripts, including the infamous Sister Mary Explains It All For You ...Durang Me! is an evening of dark comedy, satire, and hysterical, absurdist twists and turns.

In The Actor's Nightmare a lone man is trust upon the stage, but who exactly is George Spellman and why doesn't he know his lines? Or even which show he is in? And did Henry VIII just walk into a Becket play? If you have even wondered about an actor's (or is it an accountant's) greatest fear, Christopher Durang explains it all for you in this fast and furious one-act comedy.

Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You is a legendary dark comedy that has stood not only the test of time, but the real-life scandals of the Church. Brilliantly contrasting with doctrine with reality, Durang's Sister Mary is an ageing nun holding onto the pre-reform Church for dear life. When four of her ex-students confront the sister for the part she played in their troubled lives, Sister Mary must explain to all of us what we have done to make Jesus weep.

Production Photos

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Eleanor Mason Reinholdt, Eric O'Kelly, AJ Davenport
Tavis Kammet, Eric O'Kelly

AJ Davenport

Claire Slattery, Eric O'Kelly, Eleanor Mason Reinholdt, Tavis Kammet

Cole Cloud, AJ Davenport

Tavis Kammet, Eleanor Mason Reinholdt, AJ Davenport

AJ Davenport, Tavis Kammet

Claire Slattery, Eleanor Mason Reinholdt, AJ Davenport, Eric O'Kelly

Cole Cloud, AJ Davenport

AJ Davenport


Cast and Crew

The Ensemble: Cole Cloud, AJ Davenport*, Tavis Kammet, Eric O’Kelly*, Eleanor Mason Reinholdt, and Claire Slattery

Stage Manager: Abra Kent

Set Designer: Steve Vickers

Costume Designer: Maria Graham

Lighting Designer: Lluis Valls


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