Elliot Lieberman

Elliot Lieberman (Anthony Pascal) is ecstatic to hit the stage with The Custom Made Theater company for the first time in this enthralling production of The House of Yes. His years of appalling Juvenal behavior and soirées into social taboos have prepared him to take on this Jacobean drama in stride. Elliot is a local Bay Area actor who was educated at the San Francisco state university's theater program. Upon finishing his studies he ambitiously began producing and acting in productions across the city. His most noteworthy acting credit thus far was in the Breadbox Theater company's world premiere adaptation of The Awakening last summer, winning such TBA awards as best ensemble and best production. This coming fall Elliot's very own theater company , Troupe Theater, premiers its first show The Precious Damsels by Moliere at the Pheonix Theater in San Francisco