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Subscribing to the Custom Made 2011/12 Season is the best theatrical deal in town! From the hysterical antics of Steve Martin to the dizzying poetry of Tony Kushner, our upcoming season is thrilling and moving.

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There are three packages to choose from, all a great value!

GOLD SUBSCRIBER - The VIPs of the Custom Made Family

  • See 7 shows: our 5 mainstage shows and 2 second season shows. Gold Subscribers get it all!
  • Complimentary invitations to all special events, including new plays and reading.
  • A Custom Made shot glass (we'll have it ready for you at The Underpants, and a little something to go in it, if you like!)
  • Only $125; $110 for Seniors, Students, Theatre Bay Area Members. That's as little as $16 a play!

SUBSCRIBER - Join our Family 

  • See all 5 mainstage shows, from The Underpants to The Merchant of Venice
  • Only $95; $85 for Seniors, Students, TBA. That's as little as $17 a play!

BUZZ BUILDER - Help build the buzz and save at the same time! 

  • Same as Subscriber, but only good for preview performances, and the first week of the run (Thurs-Sat, not including opening night)
  • Can upgrade to non-buzz performance for $10 a ticket
  • Only $75; $70 for Seniors, Students, TBA. That's as little as $14 a play - an unbelievably great price.

Our 2011/12 Lineup!


September-October, 2011

The Underpants
A comedy adapted by Steve Martin, from the original by Carl Sternheim
directed by Hal Gelb

How does the universe unravel around you? For a sleepy German town, it starts with someone’s wife’s underpants falling down right in the center square! Comic genius, Steve Martin takes on this classic, expressionist farce. “Not since Monica Lewinsky’s thong has a pair of panties caused such a national fuss.”


November - December, 2011

The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
By Paul Zindel
directed by Katja Rivera

Embittered boardinghouse owner Beatrice wreaks petty vengeance for her dismal life on her two daughters, the unstable and submissive Ruth and the gifted but pathologically shy Tillie. When Tillie undertakes an unusual science project, she finally breaks free of her dysfunctional mother…and reveals a shattering truth.


January - February, 2011

Little Brother
A novel by Cory Doctorow
adapted and directed by Josh Costello

17-year-old tech hacker Marcus is suddenly apprehended by the Department of Homeland Security for days of merciless interrogation. When no one besides his friends believes his story, he’s left with only one option: take down the system himself. Could this near-future story by the award-winning novelist and BoingBoing editor really happen here... or has it already begun?

    bright room

March - April, 2012

A Bright Room Called Day
By Tony Kushner

directed by Brian Katz

As “Nazi!” becomes a greeting for polemical talk show hosts and Reagan is beatified by the Right, we join one of America’s greatest living political playwrights in wondering what dangers await when intellectuals (and artists) are silent as the world is dismantled around them. Kushner’s unflinching look at the rise of the Third Reich, with parallels to 1980’s Manhattan, is more relevant than ever.


July - August, 2012

The Merchant of Venice
By William Shakespeare

directed by Stuart Bousel

For Custom Made’s first ever joust with the Bard, we take on this tragic comedy of love, friendship, prejudice and justice. Find out why Shylock remains one of Shakespeare’s most misunderstood characters, in a story in which no one is truly innocent.


Studio Series (included in Gold Subscription!)

To Be Young, Gifted and Black May-June, 2012
A Portrait of Lorraine Hansberry in Her Own Words
Co-Production Project with Multi-Ethnic Theatre

Studio CMTC June, 2012
Custom Made presents two plays  by New York playwrights in repertory rotation. Sightlines by Mark Eisman (Shove) and Release Point by Gino DiIorio


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