On Stage

The Effect of Gamma Rays
on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

The Pulizer Prize Winning Drama by Paul Zindel

Directed by Katja Rivera


Custom Made Theatre Company Goes for (Mari) Gold in Pulitzer Prize-winning Drama

Custom Made Theatre Company stages one of the most popular plays of the last 40 years, Paul Zindel’s  The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds.  Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1971, Marigolds is directed by Katja Rivera and features Julia Belanoff, Alona Bach, Michelle Jasso, Michele Ang, and AJ Davenport.  

Paul Zindel’s drama centers on embittered boardinghouse owner Beatrice, who wreaks petty vengeance for her dismal life on her two daughters, the unstable and submissive Ruth and the gifted, but pathologically, shy Tillie. When Tillie undertakes an unusual science project, she finally breaks free of her dysfunctional mother… and reveals a shattering truth. 

 “A masterful, pacesetting drama.  It combines moments of pain, poignancy, beauty and hope.  It is the most compelling work of its kind since Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie.” – Variety 

“…a psychologically perceptive ambiance.  Shame hangs in the air of this house and palpably as poison gas. And yet, Zindel reminds us, strong, strange, beautiful flowers spring from such compost heaps. It is a troubling thought, one of the honest and intelligent values of this splendid and tormented play." - Time 

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Production Photos

Marigolds press photos. Click on the thumbnails below for a high-resolution version ; Photos: Jay Yamada, 2011

Michelle Jasso (Beatrice), Julia Belanoff (Tille)
SpaldingAlona Bach (Ruth), Julia Belanoff (Tillie)

Alona Bach (Ruth), Michelle Jasso (Beatrice)

AJ Davenport (Nanny)

Michelle Jasso (Beatrice), Alona Bach (Ruth)

Michelle Jasso (Beatrice), Julia Belanoff (Ruth)

Michele Ang (Janice)

Alona Bach (Ruth), Julia Belanoff (Tillie)

Julia Belanoff (Tillie)

Michelle Jasso (Beatrice)


Cast and Crew

Michele Ang
Alona Bach
Julia Belanoff
AJ Davenport
Michelle Jasso

Directed by Katja Rivera
Set Design - Patricia Gillespie
Stage Management- Ace Annese
Costume Design - Scarlett Kellum 
Lighting Design - Dena Burd
Sound Design - Maxx Kurzunski


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