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Candide of California

In this best of all possible Golden States, lived a young man called Candide. He knew that everything that happened was for the best. That is, until he was seperated from his love, sent to war, and ran into the worst of all possible people. Can Candide find his way home? And will he still be an Optismist? Find out in this World Premiere modernization of Voltaire's classic satire!

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m. butterfly

The Book of Liz

From the devilish minds of both David (Me Talk Pretty Someday) and Amy (Strangers with Candy) Seadris comes everyone's favorite Squeamish nun. Elizabeth Donderstock makes the chesseballs that sustain her religious community. But when Liz isn't appreciated anymore, she hits the road in this hilarous comedy. Will she find herself? Why is Mr. Peanut giving her the stink eye? Will the cheeseballs ever taste the same again? All these questions, and more, will be answered starting June 24th!



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